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Building a Niche Startup: Insights from’s Co-Founder and CEO

Matthew Murrie
4 min readJan 22


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Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay is an innovative startup that is creating a new niche in the content creator economy. The platform, based in North Macedonia, connects creators with brands that can help them monetize their work. The company’s Co-Founder and CEO, Nikola Sokolov, shared insights with me on the journey of building a successful startup and staying focused as an entrepreneur.

There’s a well-worn anecdote on startup success about how the person who profited the most from the California gold rush never struck gold. Levi Strauss was too busy selling equipment to everyone in search of that gold.

In the 21st century, B2C companies and content creators are prospectors of the current gold rush of the content creator economy, and is there to provide them with the tools they need to uncover the gold they’re seeking.

What makes stand out is how it’s not just another startup, but an innovative one that is creating a new niche and filling it nicely.

Learning what is doing from North Macedonia for the rest of the world has been one of the greatest surprises in discovering the Balkan startup scene over the past few years. What I find so exciting is how isn’t just another startup, they’re an innovative startup creating a new niche and filling it nicely.

I recently got curious with Nikola Sokolov, the CEO and Co-Founder and I am excited to share insights from his story (so far!) to motivate you wherever you are to stay curious and keep focused on executing whatever you’ve got to do to get where you’re going.

Matt: What is your greatest accomplishment as an entrepreneur (so far!)?

Nikola: Transforming from an idea to an article (the one that brought our first prospect), and finally into a place full of like-minded people is up there. However, knowing my team has the same vision as I do is definitely my greatest accomplishment.



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