Choo, Choo, to the Moon!

What if instead of a space race, we had a train race?

Matthew Murrie
1 min readAug 27, 2023


A green train travelling very fast like racing in a race.
Image by Robert Owen-Wahl from Pixabay

What if starting a “train race” in the United States to make it the country with the best rail network on the planet could also bring the country together?

What if we need something to connect America?

What if we need something to motivate rail development?

What if we took a similar approach to putting a man on the Moon to create a network of fast, reliable, resource-friendly trains?

What if there are others we can even copy from?

What if candidates making America’s train race a central issue could bring voters on board to their campaign?

What if the best way to “fix” America is to “connect” America?

Maybe I’m missing something — or a lot! — but super curious about what others think as to how the U.S. could compete in a train race with other countries.

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