Dinosaur Curiosity A-Z

15-Second Lesson for Busy Teachers

Matthew Murrie
4 min readAug 29


Large triceratops dinosaur standing in a forest.
Image by Hermann Kollinger from Pixabay

Teachers, got bored students curious about dinosaurs? What if you ask them to take their Curiosity from A-Z? This Curiosity-Based Thinking Activity is designed to turn bored students into engaged students by activating their natural curiosity during class.

Here’s how in 15 seconds:

Bonus Material (after you view the 15-second video)

A is for Allosaurus

Meet Allosaurus, a fierce predator with sharp teeth and a powerful jaw. It roamed the land long before the T-Rex and loved to hunt.

Can you imagine how an Allosaurus might sound when it roars?


Create an “Allosaurus Footprint Trail”. Using chalk or cut-out paper, draw or place large dinosaur footprints in a path. Walk, hop, or jump from one footprint to another, imagining you’re following an Allosaurus. How big were its steps? How fast do you think it could run? This fun activity will help you think about the size and movement of this amazing creature!

B is for Brachiosaurus

Brachiosaurus was a gentle giant with a long neck, reaching up high to munch on tree leaves. It’s one of the tallest and largest dinosaurs that ever lived.

How did the Brachiosaurus’ long neck help it survive?


Draw a picture of a Brachiosaurus standing next to a tree. Compare its height to other dinosaurs or even to things in your world like school buses or houses. Now color your Brachiosaurus, thinking about the colors it might have had.

C is for Carnivore

Carnivores are dinosaurs that loved to eat meat! They had sharp teeth and claws to help them hunt and feast on other smaller dinosaurs.

If you were a carnivorous dino, what would you like to hunt?



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