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What if good sleep is good for your heart?

Matthew Murrie
2 min readFeb 11, 2022


Boy sleeping in leaves with hand behind his head in shape of heart
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What if when it comes to working on your heart, laying down on the job is actually recommended? Curious how much your heart beats while you are asleep? Use your curiosity about the connection between good sleep and a healthy heart to help you discover the importance of good sleep with this entry from the book, While You Were Sleeping on what happens with your heart while you were sleeping.


Even though exciting dreams — or nightmares — might make you think your heart is racing, your heart slows down while you were sleeping. On average, a person’s heart slows down by 12 beats per minute. That may not sound like much, but doing so significantly lowers your blood pressure, which, in turn, decreases the opportunity for calcium to build up in your arteries. Isn’t calcium good for you? It’s great for bones, but too much in your blood vessels can lead to heart attacks. This effect doesn’t happen overnight, which is why getting plenty of sleep when you’re young is helpful for having a healthy heart when you’re older.

While You Were Sleeping

What else can you do work on while you are sleeping?

What does your heart dream about while you are sleeping?

What if hearts beat better together? Who can you partner with to help you improve your sleep?

What if your heart told you it was too tired to come into work today? How would you respond and how would you work with your heart to find a solution?

How can you make sure you don’t just get a good night’s sleep tonight, but you get good sleep the whole week? What’s your weekly sleep plan?

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