What if Curiosity Creates Science?

Science suggests curiosity gives science its shape, helps it take off, and guides it where to go!

Matthew Murrie
2 min readOct 15, 2021


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In the article, “Supporting Early Scientific Thinking Through Curiosity” published in Frontiers in Psychology, the authors discover:

Curiosity and curiosity-driven questioning are important for developing scientific thinking and more general interest and motivation to pursue scientific questions.

What if this is where Curiosity-Based Thinking comes in? What if, the best way to increase your curiosity and curiosity-driven questioning isn’t by knowing you should be more curious, it’s training yourself to be more curious.

What if, using Curiosity-Based Thinking on a regular basis can become habit-forming? And, what if, once it becomes a habit, it’s not just your ability to think more scientifically that improves, your motivation to push through when the thinking and learning gets tough improves, too?

Not a scientist or think science and scientific thinking are not for you? What if the authors of the article define “scientific thinking” as:

… a type of knowledge seeking involving intentional information seeking, including asking questions, testing hypotheses, making observations, recognizing patterns, and making inferences (Kuhn, 2002; Morris et al., 2012).

What if that definition sounds like something educators, entrepreneurs, leaders, marketers, innovators, writers, anyone who is intentionally seeking knowledge they can validate for specific purposes could benefit from?

What if we could all use a little more science in our thinking and curiosity is the key to getting it there?

Curious to see where your curiosity can guide your science!

Stay curious!

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